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Wake up to Hydrated, radiant skin with our 3 step night-time skin routine

A simple night time routine not only helps you remove the grime of the day, but it also helps you wind-down mentally and gives your skin a chance to repair and re-charge overnight so you can wake up to radiant skin in the morning.

We believe achieving beautiful skin should be simple and effective

1. Cleanse away makeup and daily grime with our Radiance Melting Cleanser

Makeup and daily grime can lead to blemishes if not removed gently every day. Using harsh cleansers can be abrasive to the skin so we have created a beautifully soothing cleansing gel that helps skin stay smooth and supple. Warm a pump of gel between your fingers and massage gently into face and neck. Add a splash of water to turn the oil-based cleanser to a milky emulsion while breathing in the subtle notes of vanilla and white flower. Remove gently with a re-usable face cloth and pat dry.

2. Tone and refine skin with our Hydrating Face Tonic

Using a toner helps to remove all last traces of makeup and oil, prevents blemishes and leaves your skin feeling refined, refreshed and ready for the next step in your night-time skin routine. Our gentle toner is infused with rose water, aloe vera and witch hazel and is best applied using a cotton pad gently swiped over the face and neck, taking care around the eye area.

3. Hydrate and promote overnight repair with our Nourishing Night Oil

Using a night oil provides a lifeline for dehydrated, ashy or maturing skin and allows you to wake up with skin that feels nourished, hydrated and glowing. Baobab Oil is gentle enough to be used every day and has been used by generations of women to protect and enhance their skin. We recommend pressing a few drops into the face and neck daily, or as needed.

Bonus Tip: For an extra beauty boost while you sleep, use a silk pillow case. Cotton pillow cases can draw moisture out of your skin and hair resulting in dry skin, wrinkles and dry, frizzy hair, whereas silk pillowcases help keep skin and hair smooth and hydrated.

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