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St Joseph’s School for the Deaf

St Joseph’s School of the Deaf offers education and care to children with hearing impairment who come from across Zambia and Southern Africa. Their classes start from pre-school to Grade 12. Students come from all walks of life, with some being able to pay their school fees while others are supported by the Catholic Sisters that run the school. Support for those that are not able to meet their school requirements come from grants and donations from well-wishers.

For pre-school, St Joseph’s takes in about 12 to 15 children at any given time. This enables the educators and carers to give maximum attention to the children.

Kutemwa Skin has committed to provide support to children in pre-school. The initial support is focussed on a contribution of Desks to the pre-school class to ensure that the children are comfortable. Other support will be rendered as required by the school.

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