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Kogi Baby Feeding Programme

The feeding programme is a community support programme by the Catholic Sisters of the Holy Rosary. The Catholic Sister hold a Motherless Clinic for babies whose mothers passed away during childbirth and are taken care of by the extended family who don’t have financial capacity to support these children. The age range of the babies supported by the Sisters starts from 2 and half days onwards.

The Sisters provide milk and other nutritional food supplements every two weeks to ensure that the babies are growing well and healthy. In a given period, the Sisters support an average of 75 children. In addition to providing food supplements for the babies, the Clinics are aimed at providing awareness to the guardians of the children on how to care for them and provision of the required vaccinations. In carrying out the Motherless Clinic, the Sisters rely mostly of financial support from well-wishers.

The Motherless Initiative project is based in the Kogi Region of Nigeria.

Kutemwa Skin, as part of its CSR activities has undertaken to support meeting feeding requirements of 12 babies on a monthly basis.

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