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Ingredient Focus: Sunflower Oil

We focus on using natural ingredients which are effective at tackling our skin concerns such as dryness. Sunflower Oil is a beautifully simple yet effective skincare ingredient with a host of benefits for women all over the world.

Why we use Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is highly moisturising, rich in vitamin E, soothes skin and strengthens the skin barrier. These properties are particularly useful to those with dull skin, dry skin and flaky or cracked skin. Some studies suggest that black skin loses moisture quicker than lighter skin. Using the right products in your skin-care routine helps prevent the dryness and reveals glowing, hydrated skin so you can be your best self all day.

How we use Sunflower Oil

We use sunflower oil Radiance Melting Cleanser to cleanse your skin without stripping it of moisture as a lot of cleansers can do and we use it in the Radiance Moisturiser to help provide the deep hydration needed to transform your skin so it becomes more luminous.

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