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Ingredient Focus: Baobab Oil

We pride ourselves in using key skin-nourishing African ingredients as we believe these ingredients are highly beneficial to skin of colour to combat dullness and dryness and there is nothing more iconic to us than the Baobab Tree. Also known as the monkey beard tree, the pharmacy tree or the tree of life, the striking silhouette of the Baobab dominates some of the most beautiful African horizons. This multi-functional hero has been used for millennia in wellness and beauty treatments.

Why we love Baobab Oil

Baobab Oil is renowned for hydrating, improving skin texture, helping skin to heal and reducing inflammation among many other benefits. We also love it because it has a low 'comedogenic' rating which means it is unlikely to block pores, and it is also very gentle which makes it perfect for daily use. These properties are particularly important for black skin which tends to be more susceptible to inflammation or injury. Uneven skin tone and dryness tends to be more noticeable on melanin-rich skin and can lead to an ashy appearance.

How we use Baobab Oil

We use cold-pressed, organic oil extracted from baobab trees grown in Senegal for our nourishing night oil so you can wake up with your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and glowing.

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