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5 Black Skincare Myths

There are so many tips and advice on the internet that it can become overwhelming to take in and apply to your own routine. So let's dive in. Here are some skincare myths that you should be aware of.


Myth 1: Black skin doesn't need sunscreen It is commonly said that black skin doesn't need sunscreen as melanin provides skin protection. However this is not true. It doesn't matter what the skin colour is! SPF is needed to protect the skin against UV rays that can lead to premature skin aging or skin cancer.

Myth 2: Not washing your face causes acne Acne is not caused by neglecting to wash your face. Factors such as hormonal changes or bacteria can cause this skin condition however we recommend using a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oil.

Radiance Melting Cleanser

Our radiance melting cleanser gently removes oil, makeup and grime while helping the skin stay smooth and combats blemishes and aging spots.

Myth 3: Black people can't get skin cancer Unfortunately black skin is not exempt from skin cancer. Like other skin tones, black skin needs to apply a minimum of SPF30.

Myth 4: Black don't crack Sadly, this is not true. Black skin can show signs of aging slower than those with less melanin but this still means black skin needs the same love and care to keep it nourished.

Myth 5: Hyperpigmentation is irreversible Luckily this just isn't true! Hyperpigmentation is the darker patches of skin the have excess melanin production. Treatments such as chemical peels can aid in lifting the pigmentation but most importantly would be applying SPF to the skin to prevent sun-related hyperpigmentation.

Radiance Moisturiser

Our radiance moisturiser formulated for dry, uneven skin helps even out skin skin discolouration and lighten dark spots and leaves the skin feeling hydrated radiant and glowing.

SKIN TIP: There are many skin myths on the internet but ultimately it is up to you to choose what feeds your skin and what works best.

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