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Kutemwa: A Zambian word for 'Love', carefully chosen to describe our inherent belief in valuing ourselves, through practising self care. There is no better way to practice self care than through the daily ritual of skincare.

Our Story

We know what it is like to have dull, dry, uneven skin. It can make you feel low, unconfident and makes your makeup look flaky or patchy. You try everything but nothing really works because our skin is quirky, and not many products target our specific skin type. 

Kutemwa Skin is created for women like us and uses traditional botanical ingredients from Africa that have been handed down from generation to generation to solve our skin concerns. 

We believe the secret to achieving beautiful skin should be simple and effective. Our simple day and night routines quickly and easily transform your skin so that it is clearer, brighter and more luminous. Make-up will sit better on your skin (if you even need it!) and you will start each day with renewed confidence.

What we stand for


We primarily use natural ingredients


We use traditional African ingredients handed down from generation to generation


Products are formulated particularly focussing on skin of colour and our specific skin concerns in mind


We are an independent business, owned and run by an entrepreneurial black woman


We believe achieving beautiful skin should be simple and effective


We believe in giving back to communities in African countries that inspire our brand

Our Founder: Besa Musama

My story is rooted in Africa. Growing up I experienced skin dryness and acne, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by traditional botanical ingredients with natural healing properties that helped me to achieve a clearer and more radiant skin. 

My daily skincare regime is now based on natural and naturally derived products, many of which are sourced from African countries. I have used this knowledge and traditions and worked with excellent formulation scientists in the UK to create Kutemwa Skin so that I can help other people of colour achieve the skin they deserve, using the ingredients of our heritage.

Our Founder

African Skincare Traditions

The history of beauty can be traced back to ancient Egypt when women adorned themselves with lotions, potions, and essential oils to protect themselves from the scorching heat and dry winds of the desert. In Africa, our skincare regimes are based on ingredients handed down from generation to generation, from our grandmothers to our mothers to our daughters, incorporating powerful ingredients sourced from different corners of the continent.

From Shea Butter derived from the Shea Fruit, an ingredient highly sought after for moisturisation to ‘Rooibos’ or Red Bush Tea, selected for its anti-ageing properties to Marula Oil, renowned for being hydrating for both oily and dry skins and Baobab, highly nourishing, with the ability to soothe and heal acne and elements of psoriasis. 

Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the benefits of these rich ingredients. Our African inspired skincare range will take you across the rich tapestry of Africa, seeking out the beneficial properties of nature from Cape Town to Cairo. Come and join us on our journey.

African Skincare

Giving back to communities in need


"To whom much is given, much is required"

Our purpose as a brand is to have an impact on the wider community because believe in the philosophy ‘to whom much is given, much is required’ meaning any wealth, knowledge, or talent one is blessed with should be used to benefit others.


We want to give back to the communities in the African countries that inspire our brand. We are partnering with St Joseph School in Kalulushi, Zambia to provide educational and health materials funded by a portion of our company profit. This is only the beginning of the work we plan to do in empowering children, especially young girls, to work towards achieving their full potential despite the challenges they face living in a rural community.

Givng Back
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